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Bakverk, lättare luncher, internationellt utbud av te, cookies och läsk. Vi har öppet måndag - söndag kl. 11-17.

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Serverar en lunchbuffé med olika rätter, stort salladsbord och efterrätt mån-fre kl.11.14.

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Gör din konferens till en annorlunda upplevelse. Industriell charm, personligt bemötande och god service hjälper dig att skapa ett lyckat möte. Välkommen!

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Tottes blogg

Följ med vår arbetslivsintendent Torsten Nilsson ut i Sverige och se arbetet på några arbetslivsmuseer.


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Följ våra ungdomsgrupper när de gestaltar sina visioner om det framtida, hållbara samhället. 


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Hej Framtid

Följ med vår producent Ann-Sofie Axelsson i jakten på framtiden.


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I butiken



I vår butik hittar du allt från små tokiga leksaker till nyttiga bruksföremål. Specialdesignat eller serietillverkat. Enkelt eller exklusivt. Välkommen!


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Current exhibitions



The museum has 6 different exhibition areas totalling over  4,000 sq m. Normally there are between 6 and 7 exhibitions on display at the same time, giving an annual total of about 20. Many of these exhibitions are carried out as projects in cooperation with other museums, institutions and organisations. The museum also arranges exhibitions together with individual artists and photographers.



Opening 16 November 2013

The Megaphone exhibition is a map of Norrköping as a graffiti city; where young people can paint graffiti legally with the blessing of the municipality. The exhibition contains a number of personal stories from graffiti painters and local civil servants and, with the help of a map, the viewer then goes out into the city to look at the paintings and personal expressions which have been painted during the last two years. Megaphone is on display at the EWK Museum on Level 3. Showing until 24 March 2014.



Showing until 19 January 2014

The photo exhibition Outsiders by the Brazilian photographer Geraldo Melo captures the shades of everyday life. Geraldo builds on his own experiences as he approaches places and people, in order to reflect the context and the emotions surrounding him.



Showing until 25 May 2014

The array of schools and specialisations can seem endless. The exhibition Job Circus offers young people the opportunity to reflect on their future careers and help them to navigate through all the information available. How do you know where tomorrow's jobs are? Currently there is a mismatch on the labour market with some industries having difficulty in finding skilled people. Why is it, for example, that the industrial sector in the region is having trouble recruiting trained professionals, whilst at the same time the press is reporting on unemployment, layoffs and recession? This exhibition gives an insight into a sector that few have looked into before.



Showing until 5 January 2014

This photo exhibition called KoKvinnorna follows the Georgsson sisters, who, with different attitudes, own and run a farm outside Knäred in Halland. The eldest sister Britt lives in the old fashioned way in symbiosis with her beloved milk cows. Maj-Ros, Lilly and the steer Fille are some of the inhabitants in the old barn. The youngest sister, Inger, in contrast lives a modern life together with her family.


CRISES AND VISION – Dare to love Norrköping

Showing until 2015
Historically, the city of Norrköping has experienced both great success as well as immense failures both of which have left their mark on the city and its inhabitants. What can we learn from these crises and visions and how will the city look in the future? This exhibition is shown at the Museum of Work (Arbetets museum) and Norrköping City Museum (Stadsmuseum).




An exhibition about Alva Carlsson who worked as a Bobbin Winder in the building 1927-1962.


EWK MUSEUM - Centre for Political cartoonists


The EWK museum has a permanent exhibition of work by Ewert Karlsson, more commonly known by his initials EWK. Ewert Karlsson is one of Sweden’s most famous political cartoonists and this exhibition tells of his life and work. There are also a number of temporary thematic exhibitions and pictures by other political cartoonists. Current themes are the Russian satire: Every joke is a small revolution - on display until 9 April. Work by Tove Jansson called The great adventure - will be shown from 28 April until 4 November 2012 (see details below). EWK museum has been possible thanks to donations from the Center Party, The Federation of Swedish Farmers, the Aftonbladet newspaper and Söderköping municipality.


About EWK - Ewert Karlsson

Ewert Karlsson (1918-2004) was born on the farm Rävbrinken in the parish of Mogata which is now part of Söderköping municipality. He trained as a farm foreman. His interest in drawing had been with him since childhood and in 1951 he fulfilled his dreams when he became a professional cartoonist in Stockholm. He his most famous for his political drawings printed in the evening newspaper, Aftonbladet and for the magazine Tidningen Land. Ewert Karlsson´s drawings were also published in a number of prestigious foreign publications including Le Monde, Der Spiegel, The Observer and New York Times. His work has also appeared in book form, such as “80 Political Cartoons by EWK” from 1988, with cartoons representing famous foreign leaders. On several occasions EWK was awarded prizes for his genre. A selection of his drawings have been the subject of many exhibitions in Sweden and his work is also on show at a number of museums throughout the world.


Exhibition Production

Arbetets museum is solely responsible for the production of about 50% of all the exhibitions displayed at the museum. The building houses a well-equipped workshop including a photographic laboratory, graphic studio, painting and joinery workshops, audio-visual and lighting studios as well as an assembly studio. All run by a team of competent exhibitions technicians.


The basic theme running through Arbetets museum’s exhibition production is concentrated to areas of current interest, women’ and men’s’ areas of work, their working and every-day lives, democratic issues as well as the industrialised society’s cultural heritage. The documentary films and especially documentary photographs play a central role in the museum’s exhibition operations. Since its was opened in December 1991, Arbetets museum has shown over 70 documentary exhibitions on behalf of various photographers and artists.

Arbetets museum works purposely towards producing exhibitions in close cooperation with Trade Unions and other professional and interest groups whose knowledge is important for the substance of the exhibitions.

The museum has produced a working model for profession-related exhibitions. The project begins with the collation of memories after which indepth interviews are conducted. This process is observed by an ethnologist who works together with either a photographer or an artist or sometimes all three. The result is presented in the form of an exhibition and in some cases even in published form.

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